The Quiet Conservative                                                                               June 18, 2009

                                                        The Seven Deadly Sins

  There will be a series of special columns over the coming weeks and months.  They cover the new
Seven Deadly Sins: the liberal ones.  These have to take the place of the traditional seven deadly sins
(Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride) as Liberals/progressives do not believe in right
and wrong, God or judgment.  They believe in their secular world view alone, and hate anything that
contradicts that view with a passion.  As their viewpoint is what is now presented in the popular
media, in academia, and solidly in the government, it would be a public service to provide a new
catechises to cover the new paganism of the state.

The First Deadly Sin:  Homophobia

  Homophobia will be defined in the new morality as describing anyone who even thinks about  
homosexuality as anything other than normal, healthy, or even the preferred form of sexuality.  If you
are caught saying anything derogatory about homosexuality, you have committed a grave sin, probably
the gravest of all.  Thou shall not speak anything about homosexuality in anything other than glowing
  Homosexuals can be called "Gay" or "Lesbian," "Transgendered" or "Questioning," but always
deferentially, and their identity is sacred.  They are to be treated as an oppressed minority facing the
cruel barbs of an intolerant, openly hostile society.  It is with great pride that liberals promote
homosexuality in all their endeavors and seek to secure the most safeguards possible for homosexuals.  
The hate crimes legislation passing through Congress now (under the homage title to the Christ of
homosexuality, Matthew Shepard,) would place sexual orientation under a special victim classification
for stiffer criminal penalties when they are a victim of a crime.  Homosexual advocates are highly
placed in the White House's administration, and there are gay advocacy groups, legal groups, and
organizations springing up everywhere, especially where schools are involved.   The President himself
has declared June- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month and hailed the Stonewall
riots in New York in the 1960's as a watershed moment in gay civil rights.  This raid on a Mafia owned
bar spurred the gay rights movement and transformed the seedy store front into a National Historic
That's a lot of people promoting and memorializing a mental disorder.  
  There, that's a sin.
  This is the blasphemy part: Homosexuality isn't an identity, it is a behavior; the behavior is a mental
disorder.  The whole gay civil rights movement is a lie. The promotion of homosexuality is destructive.
There is no basis for a biological origin for homosexuality, and almost all homosexuals are recruited
through molestation, trauma, or indoctrination when children.  It is why homosexuality is being
promoted to children.  People who engage in homosexuality can be treated and revert to
heterosexuality. People engaged in homosexual behavior are most likely promiscuous and engaged in
self destructive activity such as drugs and alcohol.  "Gay" people are most likely dysfunctional in
personal relationships and are anything but "gay."
  Well, if you are going to blaspheme, you might as well go all the way.  But the problem with this
blasphemy is that it is also factual.  This is what elevates the sin beyond the typical outrage to liberals
and makes it a cardinal sin.  Nothing generates more venom, more hatred, more will to destroy,
obliterate, torture, and defile in a liberal, than facts that contest their world view.  While the left talks
about "Hate Speech" what they really are doing is projecting their own hatred on others and trying to
suppress any speech that they deem against their view. When the liberals talk about "tolerance,"  what
they really mean is rigid ideology that allows no dissension.  If a liberal reads the preceding paragraph
their reaction isn't to ponder the basic concepts, their viewpoints, and attempt to reconcile or refute the
argument, their reaction is to proclaim with violent hatred the label "HOMOPHOBIA!" on the writer
and seek to destroy him personally.  To not approve of homosexuality is deemed irrational bigotry and
the labels are applied: "Judgmental! Sinner!  Unclean! Right Winger! Bigot! Red Neck! Christian! Hate
speech!"  There is no allowance for dissent to this pillar of liberalism.
  It is with great relief to such blasphemers to liberalism that burning at the stake would create too
large a carbon footprint, for too many liberal worshippers of tolerance would be piling up the brush and
 But what about the heresy?  Could some of those unspeakable assertions actually be true?  Is
homosexuality a behavior and not an identity or fixed orientation?  Is there really such a thing as a
homosexual at all?  What if there isn't?  The first crack in the foundation of the liberal sin of
homophobia is the identification of homosexuality with the person as a whole. What cannot be
whispered in public, but has been studied by science, is that homosexuality isn't fixed.  People who
engage in homosexuality can, and do, revert to the normal mode of heterosexuality.
The recent court cases working through the state courts are a good example of what happens when
the natural order is supplanted by the artificial constructs of liberalism.  Janet Jenkins and Lisa Miller
were lesbians in Vermont.  Lisa Miller was artificially inseminated and bore the couple a daughter.  
Their civil union broke up and Lisa moved with her daughter to Virginia where she left the homosexual
lifestyle and became a devout Christian. Janet sued for visitation and custody rights pitting the courts of
Vermont against Virginia. Meanwhile, in a separate case, Lara Embry and Kimberly Ryan lived
alternatively in Washington State and Florida. During their time together each was artificially
inseminated and each bore a daughter. When the relationship broke up Kimberly left the homosexual
lifestyle and fought against visitation rights for her former same sex partner pitting Washington courts
against Florida courts.
 The point of the examples is not to demonstrate the chaos resulting from faux marriages or simulated
normal relationships, it is to point out what no one will say openly.  In each of the examples one
partner no longer was a practicing homosexual.  They had, instead, reverted to the normal:
heterosexuality.  This fact, and the studies in Europe that show that people engaged in homosexuality
can and often do revert to heterosexuality destroys the myth of gayness as a fixed identity.  
  The implications of this are enormous.  If homosexuality is not an orientation or an identity, and only
a behavior, it can be treated or cured.  This cuts at the heart of the gay agenda.  It means there are no
civil rights at issue.  Activists have been carefully crafting their movement to parallel the civil rights
struggle of African Americans in America.  The left has promoted this parallel making "gay rights" the
same as the march from Selma. This all goes away if homosexuality is a mental disorder.  There is no
violation of Constitutional rights and no discrimination if the person is "gay" on Tuesday and then
"straight" on Friday.
 When homosexuality was removed from the DSM in 1973, it wasn't because homosexuality ceased
to be a disorder, it was because of social and political progressives wanted it removed.  It wasn't
science, it was bad science in the form of activism masquerading as science.  But the disorder
remained regardless of what it was called.  Presently there is no biological origin for homosexuality.
This has been a bit of a schizophrenic point to liberals.  If they do find a genetic or biological origin,
then they can claim homosexuality as an identity.  They want that.  But, what if it can then be cured or
treated?  This could eliminate homosexuality all together.  What a horrifying concept to progressives.   
  If they can't find any medical reason, then is it an admission that homosexuality is a choice in
behavior and not an biological orientation?  Just like abortion facts, the left screams and puts their
fingers in their ears when confronted with a question they don't want to think about.
  Homosexuality is a behavior.  It is a choice and a destructive one that causes intense misery on those
that engage in the practice.  Homosexual men are six times more likely to be suicidal than normal.  
They are greatly increased in the likelihood to be alcohol or drug abusers.  They are compulsive
sexually and often have multiple partners, mostly strangers, even when in a committed relationship.  
One study said that almost 80% of gay men surveyed had sex partners that were strangers and over
40% had been involved with over five hundred sexual partners -with over 20% numbering their
partners over a thousand.  That is the behavior of disturbed individuals.
 Gays are, by the very nature of the statistics above, victim to a number of different sexually
transmitted diseases at a rate far higher than their heterosexual brethren.  Conservatives were once
publicly pilloried for claiming AID's as a gay disease. But finally even gay publications are admitting
that it is just this at-risk sexual behavior that produces the high number of homosexual AID's victims.  
The Center for Disease Control statistic indicates 71% of men with AID's are men who engage in
homosexuality.  Robert Massa, editor at the Village Voice and an reporter covering AIDs, admitted that
AID's was primarily affecting gay men
"AID's is a gay disease."   His life was tragically cut short due
to the same disease he covered in print.
  Turning from the facts of the wreckage that homosexuality inflicts on people at large, it is insightful
to examine the damage it did to one lone individual.  When looking for background on the coming hate
crimes bill promoted fiercely by progressives, Matthew Shepard came up as the name of the martyr to
the idea of the homosexual as victim.  It is why I called him the Christ of homosexuals.  It was easy to
forget the young man as a person now that he is submerged and transformed into a symbol and an
icon.   It is not me that came up with the Christ imagery, it is the gay lobby itself.  From the web site "Extinguishing the Flames of Religious Homophobia," a potential textbook of liberal
homosexual promotion, it is possible to get an idea of the tolerance, acceptance, diversity, and love, of
people under the influence of this destructive practice.   Before looking at Matthew Shepard's story,
look at the writing of one of the official issuers of the homophobia label.  The site intro for the story:

"Christian homophobia                 
Christianity has resulted in the slaughter of more gay men than any other cause in history.
Extraordinarily there is no historical basis for the existence of the historical Jesus on whom the
edifice of the New Testament and Gospels and Churches were erected as the articles below prove.
Christianity is the bastard child of Judaism and has inherited its homophobia from that bloodthirsty
religion. The articles below are separated out into the various categories deconstructing Christian
  Then the link to the page about Matthew:
Matthew Shepard a 21 year old gay HIV+ American who was pistol-whipped and crucified by a
Christian priest and his accomplice posing as gay men, in Laramie, Wyoming in 1998
"crucified on a cross as Jesus was"
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