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The Quiet Conservative
Factual Political News and Commentary from a Traditional American Standpoint.
An honest press is the foundation of freedom in this country.  We don't have an honest press.  We
have a press that is ideologically Marxist/Socialist in nature.  They were raised that way.  They are
inclined that way.  They were educated that way.  They were trained that way.  They operate that
way.  They are the ones defining the news.

The line between editorial and news is gone.  Now when you pick up a paper or watch a broadcast
you must decide.  Is it news or is it propaganda? It seems more and more it's
all propaganda.  Because
you allow it.

If you want an honest press you must replace the corrupt press.  The rich and powerful will not lift a
finger. They don't care.  It is up to you.  Either support a free press or share the blame for the fall of
the nation.  
Note:  This site is not a blog.  This site is not intended as a finished product. This site is a
collection of sample editorials of the type that might have been in your local paper had
traditional Americans been allowed access.  It serves as a fund raising base and hub to
reach out and connect segments of society fragmented by increasing liberal fascism.
Welcome to
The Quiet Conservative
This site requires you to read and think.  It requires time and has little or no graphics. If you make
the effort, you will find it was worth the effort

You will notice that the site is frozen after February of last year.  It's not that I don't have things to
say, it is that people are getting fired for a single Facebook posting or Twitter line.  In such a fascist
environment, the First Amendment doesn't mean much when you can be fired, bankrupted,
homeless, and unable to provide for your family.  So what I think stays off the Internet until such
time as Americans are in charge again.